Vincent McDonnell

The Catalpa Adventure

In April 1875, the whaler ‘Catalpa’ sailed from New Bedford in America, embarking on a hair-raising seafaring mission. Its destination was Fremantle, Western Australia; its goal to rescue six Fenian prisoners from the toughest prison there. The Irishmen, convicted of treason against the British Queen and regarded as traitors, were suffering from hunger, overwork and disease. Fearing they would die, they had pleaded with their comrades in America to be rescued. On Easter Monday 1876, the prisoners made their bid for freedom. But their escape attempt was soon in danger. The alarm was raised and heavily armed soldiers and police were sent in pursuit. Would the prisoners reach safety before they were captured? Was the escape doomed to failure? This is the story of that rescue attempt, a story of courage, endurance and daring, one of the most exciting and thrilling sea stories. By the author of MICHAEL COLLINS: MOST WANTED MAN and TITANIC TRAGEDY.
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