Scott Campbell

Battle 37 Battle for Earth

Techno and Mateo face an alien presence that has secretly taken over big business and government. The aliens run everything from underground tunnels in which they do the unspeakable to humans. Techno's sister was abducted, and Mateo and his family were taken underground. Mateo defended his sister’s honor only to find himself a prisoner on a dark train, shackled, and with no food or water.. His situation worsens when he finds out that he must fight for food while caged.. Mateo is ordered to take his clothes off and board another train. Nobody has ever come back. This one takes him to a chute, a grinder, and screams. A horrid realization comes when he sees who is running the operation. Mateo not only fights back, he become a national hero for challenging the Draconians. Mateo’s sister is locked into a special cell to please the leader of the Reptilians. Techno and Mateo decide to take matters into their own hands. Techno gets a special position in the Space Force investigating abductions. Underage abductees were forced into prostitution to blackmail powerful men. One case may be his sister, abducted twenty-five years ago. Could it be her? The alien underground has made so much progress during the last one hundred years in terms of control and planetary devastation that an intervention is called for by another alien species called the Orbellians. The Orbellians have had a hand in life on Earth for millennia and they begin to hybridize with humans. The result is an epic battle for control of Earth between three ancient alien species and humans.
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