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Jennifer Lynne,Marcus Joyce

Our First Trip to My Hot Wife’s Boss's House Bisexual Husband’s First Time MMFF Ménage

Veronica and I had been invited to her fabulously wealthy boss's house for what turned out to be a party exclusively for four.

My hot wife's sexy boss — Mai — also just happened to be married to the handsom pro-football player I'd had my first ever bisexual crush on back in high school, and just one look at his smoldering good looks and hard, toned body brought all of those bi feelings flooding back.

In an evening of unrivalled debauchery, both Veronica and I explored our bisexual sides, playing with both Mai and her sexy bi husband in turn — it was certainly a hot, steamy night to remember!

An incredibly hot 8,900 word story of a sexy foursome, lesbian and bisexual action!
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