Gareth Malone

Gareth Malone’s How To Enjoy Classical Music: HCNF (Collins Shorts, Book 5)

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Set yourself a target: ask yourself these questions:

Is there an era of history that you are interested in that might offer a good starting point for musical exploration?

Is there a piece you like by a composer who you’d like to know more about?

Is there a composer you’ve heard of but have never listened to?

Is there a piece of classical music used in a film or on television that you remember enjoying?

Is there a particular instrument you love the sound of?
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Debussy’s music is impressionistic and very Frenc
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Knowing that Bach was a devoutly religious man explains the serious nature of his composition. Knowing that Beethoven had a fiery personality tells you so much about his music, especially the furious pieces written after he became deaf.
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Timbre is a bit like the mix of flavours that makes up the individual taste of a wine or a particularly good cake
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Music connects with us at a primal level.
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