Imelda Stark

The Punished Princess

Imagine a kingdom where uniformly beautiful women and handsome men enjoy the blessings of a Holy God who ensures their lifelong well-being and prosperity. The small price the deity asks of his worshippers is they conform to his plans for the ideal man and woman. The men become calm and authoritative, while the women are passionate and in need of a firm masculine hand to guide them. Daily spankings on shapely female bottoms are culturally prescribed. Once this customary discipline is administered, erotic rewards follow for both the dispenser of the correction and the recipient. After nearly dying from a riding accident, the beautiful Princess Natalie is exempted from the kingdom’s customs. As a result, she becomes a very spoiled young woman. Realizing their mistake, the royal parents marry her to the handsome Captain of the Royal Guards. With their blessing, he undertakes to tame this wild filly. He knows just how such an outcome can best be achieved on a long honeymoon at a secluded royal hideaway. A novel filled with intriguing erotic adventure in a spanking-oriented culture.
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    deeply in need of correction, and I am
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