Daisy Rose

Mastered 1–6

These six steamy stories of billionaires, bikers, doctors, librarians, fighters, and mysterious strangers
seduce innocent young women with their dominating touches that promise
fulfillment beyond their wildest dreams.

Passionate tide overtakes
their very core. Humiliation and pleasure unchains wild, sensuous feelings and they are lost in the urgent need of their own desires.


In this bundle, you will

Billionaire's Experiment

When Belle finds herself on the doorstep of her new employer, she is utterly terrified, yet hopeful of what
her new life will be. Eccentric billionaire Jason Stone has been working on
something extraordinary behind closed doors. And he's just found the best
candidate for his experiment.

Biker's Experiment

Cassie stands at the counter
and stares at the burly biker in front of her, certain that she is making the worse decision in her life. The incredibly sexy man is offering her a
significant amount of money in exchange for something that she has never even dreamed
of doing: Surrender to five alpha males.

Fighter's Experiment

Beautiful and hardheaded
Clarice knows how to handle herself in a fighting ring. She doesn't surrender
easily to any man. Until she crosses path with her boss. He breaks through
every mental restraint and common sense in her mind to make her submit not just
to him, but to all the men who want her.

Librarian's Experiment

Alice is absolutely fine with
crushing on the Damien, the sexy French librarian from afar… until her friend
threatens to make a move on him. Fearful that her promiscuous friend would
succeed, Alice throws herself at the sexy librarian, only to find out that
Damien is more than meets the eye.

Devil's Experiment

Rosie wakes up on a perfect
bright morning with little on her mind except getting her boyfriend to marry
her so she can finally experience her first time. Except there're other plans
for her. The infamous black devil walks into the restaurant where she works and
she is stripped and humiliated in front of all her colleagues.

Doctor's Experiment

Innocent and naive Anna isn't
at all prepared when she starts creaming despite having never experienced
carnal pleasures of any sort. Panicked, she makes an appointment with her doctor, a sexy, intelligent older alpha male who is determined to help her with
her problem…in every way possible.
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