The third in the series of silent adventures of the trouserless man, whose cartoon antics abroad showcase the most fun you can have with your trousers off.
Enter the extraordinarily ordinary world of a half-dressed man.
In the world of ROGER, silence speaks volumes, whether in the workplace, at leisure, or on his travels.
The third book in the trilogy takes ROGER outside the womb-like comfort zone of the office and his domestic environment and follows him as he ventures forth on holiday. While dreams of being half-dressed would terrify most ordinary souls, ROGER goes out-and-about with remarkable calm dreamily abandoning his trousers and causing mayhem – and his astonishing wanderlust takes him all over the world, by train, plane and cruise ship.
In the office, ROGER seemed content forever to hold his peace – now he is at large, his reputation will continue to precede him…
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